CoolWave Processing a high-tech novel technology company from Wageningen

PurePulse is manufactured by CoolWave Processing based in Wageningen, The Netherlands. While CoolWave Processing is a relatively young company, the team behind it has substantial expertise. Between them, the CoolWave Processing team members have several decades of experience in machine design and construction, food technology and process technology. They have spent the past year perfecting the PurePulse technology, including conducting extensive tests in practice, and the first PurePulse unit has already been installed at a juice manufacturer’s facility.

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Coldpressed juices and alternative drinks with maximum nutritional value and taste

If your idea of a fresh juice is something you buy from the supermarket with a shelf life of six months, think again. Cold pressed juices are the purest, only way to go and at last the UK is catching on.

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PurePulse – the next stage in freshness

Fresh juice looks – and tastes – so much better than the juices that often dominate our supermarket shelves, and there is an undeniable consumer demand for fresh juice. Yet the available product choice remains limited, implying that growth opportunities are being missed. Producing fresh juice for retail that is both safe and profitable has been difficult…until now. With the introduction of PurePulse, you can now produce fresh juice with a longer shelf life while optimally preserving all its goodness, including vitamins, aroma, colour and flavour.

The use of a PurePulse installation to produce fresh juice enables you to simplify your distribution chain and expands your potential sales market from local (for example Benelux region; New York versus entire East Coast or any other area you can think of..) to regional (e.g. entire EU: 460 million consumers). Not only that, but you can also offer your retail customers a longer shelf life, which dramatically reduces their waste.

Also for the not “literally freshly squeezed” juices, PurePulse can contribute to a higher quality and preserving vitamins and other nutrients. Longer shelf lives can be obtained with a somewhat more intensive PurePulse treatment that is still way, way milder than classic thermal pasteurization.

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Freshness and great taste. Products treated with PurePulse Technology

Giving fresh juices a 21 day shelf life, maintaining the freshly squeezed character is probably one of the most “thrilling achievements” of PurePulse, it surely isn’t the only one.

At more intensive conditions, PurePulse can reach cell reductions, compared to high thermal preservation temperatures. As the temperatures reached under very intensive PurePulse treatments are still much lower and the time in the chamber is still not more than a few tenths of a second, products that require extended shelf life’s can improve dramatically in quality.

Applications in other liquid foods are not yet rolled out on a commercial basis, but some of them surely are not far away from a production scale introduction.

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Introducting our partner ecosystem from Food Valley – we collobarate to provide the best solutions

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